Friday, 17 June 2011

Guide To Healthy Living, Fuller Life: Make Positive Change In The Things Of Life!

Life expectancy of Americans has increased dramatically over the last century. Now we can expect to live 77 years, who has 30 years longer than previously. Taking care of our bodies, we could easily live a long and healthy life.

People live longer

There are more people in the United States over 100 years than ever before, around about 50,000. Since these people are not related, they have different genes. Some thought it was an important factor in longevity, but it only plays a small role. Other factors that play an important role in our lives are the environment, employment, exercise, family relationships, social relationships and emotional health. Of course, living longer does not always mean being healthy and happy.

Make positive changes in life

There are no pills that make us live longer, or treatments that are guaranteed. For many people, how the body ages is their perogative. There are practical steps you can take to feel better and live longer. Aging with dignity is not a matter of luck - you must work to stay healthy! You should be motivated to take these steps and be consistent.

Many times people wait until they are past middle age and have a health crisis before any action is taken to ensure a healthier life. For some, this is too late. Others may benefit from a radical change, and give you the opportunity to enjoy the golden years. Alternative medicines are available to help fight against many common diseases.

Practical measures for all

Doctors have told us for years to get out and move. Overall we are not getting enough exercise because of the high technology and improvements in all aspects of work. For better health, it is recommended to have 30 minutes of exercise a day. This helps to many health problems such as keeping weight down and strengthening the heart and other muscles in the body. If you do not practice alone, ask a friend to walk or go to the gym with you.

Eating the right combination of food, fiber, low fat fruit and vegetables is a big factor in communities and areas in our world, where there are people who will live longer. Do not smoke or quit smoking if you want to prevent diseases caused by tobacco. Drink plenty of water and less soft drinks or alcohol.

The mental and emotional health contributes to overall health as well. People with large families or social contact do not have much time to feel lonely or desperate. Others spend their time volunteering somewhere or providing a service where they feel useful and productive. Someone who is always looking for new things to learn can be active and more likely to engage in life. People with a sense of accomplishment and purpose are generally healthier and happier.

Be in good health now

Watch for signs of health problems. If you have a problem, go to the doctor and get checked out. If you let go of something that will give you less chance of returning to good health. Have regular checkups so things can be treated as soon as possible. Begin to change your habits now - do not hesitate. If you are overweight, change your diet. If you do not get any exercise, you need to start now.

If you have a health problem, consult a doctor and get treatment. If you are alone and lonely, discover a new way to meet and help people. If you have bad habits begin to change them today. One day you may be able to join other 100 plus older folks as they enjoy a long and healthy life and fulfilling!

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